Shopeasy - Manage Purchases

Like to shop but not always sure you’ll keep the purchased item? Track your purchases and possible returns using this new, easy-to-use app. Simply enter basic information when you make a purchase: name of store, item purchased, return by date - and the app will remind you of those return deadlines! It will even provide you with directions to the store, the store phone number and website (when available). Shop with ease and never miss another return date again.

ShopEasy lets you:

  • Add, view and edit past purchases you plan to return
  • Add relevant information, so it’s easy to remember what items you want to return
  • View store details [store phone number, website, and driving directions ] with a single click (when available)
  • Automatically be reminded of upcoming deadlines
  • ShopEasy (Free) is available for sale now on the iTunes Store.

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