Pigmentum Mini - Every Kids Colouring Book

Do your kids love colouring, but you can’t seem to find images they like? Not anymore! Pigmentum Mini, lets your kids take a photo with the camera or choose a photo from the photo library and automatically turn the image into a colouring page. Once you get an image they like, send it to your printer, print and they get colouring. Pigmentum Mini is the kid-friendly version of Pigmentum, also available for download, complete with fun sound effects, lots of colours, and large buttons. All of the processing is done on the device, so no information is ever uploaded or shared.

Pigmentum Mini lets you:

  • Instantly turn photos from your device into colouring pages
  • Easily print to a nearby printer
  • Pigmentum Mini (Free) is available for sale now on the iTunes Store.

    Sample images created with Pigmentum Mini

    (Works best on photos with good contrast and sharp edges. Play around with it till you get the image you want - it’s free and fun!)

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